LOGISDOC SERVEIS INTEGRALS, S.L.U. was incorporated in June 2013, the result of integrating the production unit of the company Adocat-IDT-Docuteca with  GRUPO SERVICIO MÓVIL. This has resulted in a wider business scope leading to synergies and favouring a greater immersion and responsiveness in an increasingly demanding and technologically advanced market.

LOGISDOC’s aim is to provide solutions geared towards a most efficient and universal management of INFORMATION, as well as towards managing any LOGISTICS in an integrative and specialized manner regardless of its complexity.

The business philosophy of GRUPO SERVICIO MÓVIL and, consequently that of LOGISDOC, relies on one single maxim: SOLUTIONS. We do not provide standardised products or services. Instead, we provide clients with unique solutions from a specific analysis of every project we receive. Hence the commitment and sense of responsibility that transpires from and is applied to each and every process the company is involved in so as to provide the very service that has made us different and given us prestige.