José Luis Castro Romero - CEO

We have covered a long way since 1975 when our family started this business, initially as a conventional removing firm, moving furniture and fittings for companies.

Over the years the needs of our clients evolved and this led to a sea change in our Organisation that eventually resulted in what is now Grupo Servicio Móvil: Severiano Servicio Móvil, S.A; SM Tecnología, S.L; Fidelis Servicios Integrales, S.L and Logisdoc Serveis Integrals,  S.L.U.

Back in the 90s we began to look into the Galician health sector (to later look at the rest of Spain), analysing the logistics and space needs of the hospitals in this Autonomous Community. In those early years we were awarded the first contracts for the outsourcing of medical records custody and management services. We entered the world of documentary management by providing solutions that encompassed every step in the management of the life of the documentation generated by our clients in their daily business. And through our secondary line of business we also began to provide tailor-made solutions for integrative logistics through both our own platforms and in-house, thus managing any logistic process whether it is stock control, distribution, special handlings or ancillary processes.

Today, we are a global provider with the thrust and work of over 900 professionals across Spain in our over 100 storage centres, distribution platforms and digitalization centres.

We are only too aware that in our current world without borders, where the technology push has placed us in a dynamic and changing environment never before seen, it is paramount that companies and, for that matter, the people behind them, are able to adapt and take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way so as to grow stronger and bigger.
Every day, more and more clients place their trust in us. Adaptability, speed of response and being one step ahead of the market are –and will remain to be – some of our distinctive features.