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At LOGISDOC we make an in situ study of the specific challenges posed by each client. We analyse with them the causes behind the problems they have with their documents: surplus of documentary production, duplication, lack of organization, poorly defined documentation circuits, etc. We design projects that provide solutions to problems resulting from a lack of documentation management policies. We assist them in improving the work processes and reducing costs that are the result of poor organisation. We design and fit out the spaces that will be used to hold your files. We provide consultancy services to all kinds of companies, regardless of their size, as well as to government bodies and agencies in any matter related to documentary information regardless of the type of paper, materials, furniture, set of shelves, etc. We also implement integrated management systems for physical and digital archives, Standard ISO-15489 as well as specific programs for the maintenance of the archives. In house training for our clients’ staff.


We have an extensive experience in efficiently designing and managing our clients’ information management and retrieval needs whether it is in physical or electronic format regardless of the contents of your documentation: administrative commercial, technical, legal, medical records, historical documentation, etc.

Leave us in charge of everything and we will safely contribute to improving the effectiveness of your Organisation by ensuring improvements not only in daily operation but also in space management, all of which with the corresponding cost savings that our work entails.

The following are the most relevant processes we perform: Depuration, Coding, Classification Changes, Internal and External Removals, Massive Correction of Duplicates, Integration and Unification of Archives, Filing Away and Labelling of Archives, Inventory, Weeding and Destruction of Documentation.
For Libraries:

Bibliographic Pre-cataloguing and Cataloguing.
Creation of Controlled Documentary Languages (Thesaurus, Subject Headings).
Spine Labelling and Shelf Arrangement.
Creation of Bibliographical Record Listings in accordance with ISO 690-1987.
Process of Selection, Acquisition or Purchase. Digitalization.

And Specialised Documentation Centres:

Bibliographic Cataloguing .
Creation of Controlled Documentary Languages (Thesaurus, Subject Heading Lists)
Client-specific Software.



At LOGISDOC we provide our clients with the necessary space for the custody of any type of documentation. 

We have units not only across Catalonia but throughout Spain thanks to the coverage provided by being part of Grupo Servicio Móvil. Every unit has top-quality facilities and we have in place a strict policy of access control which, along with fire prevention, detection and extinguishing systems ensures maximum security at our facilities. We provide an integrated documentation management service where we adapt the documentation loan and collection service to the desired place and timeframe. We fully adapt to your needs, and have 24/7 availability.

Our company has been certified with Standard UNE ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security Management System. We also manage and keep custody our clients’ archives in-house at our clients’ premises. All of which is performed by our highly specialised personnel. Contact us and we will study you and offer the most suitable solution. We will provide flexible solutions based on such factors as response time, mobility, availability, singularity of the premises, etc. At our Technology Area we have developed our own software for all kinds of documentation management whether it is a physical or an electronic format. Know more about SEGESDOC [+]



The digitalisation of documents is an optimum solution when we wish to preserve the physical integrity of any type of information and document collection. Furthermore, thanks to the document digitalisation and indexation service provided by LOGISDOC access to information is easier and quicker as access to our digitalised documents through our safe information system has, among others, the following advantages:

Confidentiality and traceability in the management of knowledge. Agility and guarantee in the workflows, which are based on documentation circuits.  Productivity in daily management is increased. Physical space is released and storage costs are reduced. Information is securely stored for good. 

We have the technical personnel, the best solutions in the market to transfer into electronic format any type of documentation whether medical records, administrative files, Human Resources Files, contracts, historical documents, big formats, etc. We perform certified digitalisation of invoices in accordance with the Spanish Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria) standards. We currently have 8 modern digitalisation centres in Spain. As far as CLINICAL DIGITALISATION is concerned, Grupo Servicio Móvil has accrued over 30 years of experience in the hospital sector and we are experts in dealing with massive processes of digitalisation of medical records with the greatest assurances. Since we are conversant with the different documentation typologies found in a medical record, we are able to ensure an optimal final result so that – once digitalized – any file can be located and consulted in a quick and effective manner. Our digitalised projects include several phases with distinctive procedures for each of them:

Previous study. Consultation prior to any project to study the needs and perform the document analysis. Weeding. Separation of non-relevant documents which are therefore not digitalised. Preparation. Adequacy of documents for the most efficient scanning and to ensure the most adequate pre-indexation. Scanning. Digitalisation of documents using automatic recognition techniques on the basis of document type and digital certification. Indexation. Identification of the file content on the basis of its name and addition of new metadata. Quality control. Conducting quality controls as defined in our Quality Management System (Certified under Standard ISO 9001) and those agreed with each particular client. Back-ups. Continuous Backups to ensure information integrity during all the processes. Transfer of information. We work with every format in the market and the result is delivered in accordance with the needs of our client. We also provide support, management and computer administration of the systems if the client so requests. Destruction and/or custody. Certified destruction of the information on paper or custody of such documentation in properly equipped facilities.

Let us take care of the recycling and the destruction of all the documents, hard disks, DVDs and CDs that are no longer necessary. We provide a safe destruction system that covers every stage of the chain of custody, from the time of their collection to their destruction in compliance with the legislation in force on this matter. 

Our personnel will provide you with boxes and containers where you will be disposing of the documentation and the computer storage media that you need to destroy. Subsequently, these staff will proceed to their safe, confidential destruction in a restricted area within our facilities. For document destruction, we have industrial machinery that is able to destroy it in accordance with Standard DIN 66399 and security level 3 (2 mm thick strips). And for greater assurance we provide the option of witnessing the destruction. And do not worry if you are unable to attend. We record the destruction on video and along with the certificate of destruction we will be issuing, we will send you the DVD with the recording and a small sample of the documentation and/ or computer storage media destroyed.

At LOGISDOC we provide an external management system. To this end, we have a vault designed to keep custody of backup and computer files where the chain of custody is guaranteed at all times. The material is collected at our client offices and is safely taken in our own vehicles, which are adapted to the transport of this type of storage media. We use special briefcases that meet every protective and safekeeping standard for the preservation of their contents. 

The vault provides maximum security and assurance. It has air-conditioning and security cabinets that protect these media from magnetic fields, electrostatic damage and dust. 

The on-line backup storage provided by LOGISDOC is a practical and reliable solution. It consists in storing at our remote data centre the information that our client considers critical. The term “vaulting” describes the automation of the whole process and gives the option of making backups across the Internet securely and without loss of data. We ensure the greatest level of security through the data encryption procedure. Access to the system is absolutely restricted to authorised personnel only, who are provided with individual passwords. 

We assess the information management software applications as they as marketed so as to be able to advise our clients on the solution that best suits their needs As well as our own applications, we also offer those by other companies that are able to solve any document or archive problem:

- Filing and Deposit Management System.
- Electronic Document Filing Software (EDF).
- Medical Documentary Information System.
-Archival premises surveillance and control software.

Segesdoc Gestión

An easy-to-use application for procedures involving the management of physical files. It can be customized to the client’s work environment.

Segesdoc Capture

Application for the digitalisation of all sorts of documents. Configurable for automatic, massive indexation. Scanning module of the document manager.


Application for the indexation of all sorts of documents and logical structures. Configurable to the needs of the client and the project. Documentation module of the document manager.

Segesdoc Visual

Application for the search and consultation of digitalised files. Configurable to the needs of the client and the project. Visual interface of the documental manager.